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The Chapel is Finished!

The Chapel at Oaklake Trails

Nestled in a grove of trees, just adjacent to the very popular tent camping sites at Oaklake Trails, the Chapel at Oaklake Trails is beginning to take shape. About seven years ago, three major incorporators, also permanent residents of Oaklake, had a dream to one day have a chapel on this 400 acre rustic setting and clothing optional environment, in Creek County.

During several weeks, trees were cleared; foundations laid; walls constructed; roof completed and doors and windows installed, work continues to make this dream come true.

The Chapel at Oaklake Trails – A Religious Corporation, is a Not-For-Profit Corporation Church. Fundraising and donations have continued for many years, and through these generous donations, the Chapel will be built. Volunteer workers have made it a reality.

The 768 square foot structure (24’ x 32’) with vaulted ceiling and large windows will be the setting for future religious and devotional events. In the past, church services, nude weddings, wedding renewal vows ceremonies, memorial services and the like have taken place on the beautiful sunset ridge at the gazebo, and also in the park’s clubhouse.

Aside from restroom facilities and a mechanical room, the chapel is a large open room for regular and special church services. It will also serve as a more convenient place to hold meetings and conferences, leaving the clubhouse available for other uses.

Chapel First Service


On Sunday, May 26, 2013 at 11:00 a.m., the Chapel at Oaklake Trails held its first service in our new facility.  The service was a Renewal of Vows.  All couples were invited to participate and singles were encouraged to come and celebrate with their friends.  Donations were accepted and used to complete the building, including the exterior painting, a steeple, art for the altar area, and a meditation garden.

We would like to thank all of the souls that helped to bring this wonderful addition to our corner of paradise.

Regardless of religious preferences, we are fortunate to have this addition to our beautiful park.


We were visited by a very special customer recently.

Check out his work here!

Bird Watcher?

Reflection of 2013

We would like to say “Thank You” to all the wonderful members and guests for such a wonderful year. It is such a blessing to be part of your lives. We take our part, of providing this great place for us all to enjoy, very seriously. This last year has been a great one. The resort continues to grow with many new and wonderful members along with building additions and improvements at he park. The members participation in our Activities Group this year has been the highlight for all of us. It has yielded a great year of activities. A special mention about Jim and his wonderful wife Kay. Jim has done a wonderful job of guiding and encouraging us all to participate in some great activities tis year.

Thanks Jim and Kay!