Potlucks are a regular event here at OLT. These are held in the Club House during the cooler season. It is a great way to meet and visit with our friends and new guest. Members are asked to bring a dish to share; main dish, side dish, or dessert, etc.  Plates, napkins and flatware will be provided however members are encouraged to bring their own plates and flatware. 

Guests are encouraged to attend and meet new friends and get to know members.

Traveling Potlucks are held as the weather warms.  We encourage all members and guests to participate in the potlucks. Our traveling potlucks are different in the summer because they are held at a member's lot.  The host will provide the paper goods and can borrow tables from the clubhouse, and members and guests are asked to bring food to share, their own beverages, and chairs/towels to sit on.  The Traveling Potlucks are great fun and a great way to really get to know our members. All OLT members are encouraged to host a potluck.

Contact the office or Kay H if you would like to host one.

Themed Potluck are lots of fun. We encourage you to dress and participate in these great events. Bring your favorite themed dish and share your recipe with others.

Potluck Etiquette

<>  Park sponsored potlucks:  held either in the clubhouse or the pavilion, and everyone is invited -- members, guests, and visitors alike.  It's best if you can bring your own place setting along with a delicious dish (or two) to share, but we make exceptions for our day visitors.  And don't forget to bring your favorite beverage and a towel to sit on!  These will be announced prior to the event.


Potluck Dinners

<>  Traveling potlucks:  held at different member's lots, giving folks a chance to meet new friends and see different parts of the park.  The host will provide place settings, but counts on all of us to bring a dish (or two) to share.  Again, everyone is invited and welcome.  And don't forget to bring your beverage and maybe a chair to sit on.  These, too, will be announced prior to the event.

<>  Private potlucks:  please remember these are by invitation of the host only.  Just because a group of folks are gathered around outdoors at someone's lot and enjoying a dinner, this doesn't mean this is an open invitation to everyone.  Save yourself an avoidable awkward moment and don't "just invite yourself!".

So, whichever type of potluck dinner you do plan to attend, bring something good to share -- bring your beverage -- bring a chair to sit on -- and bring a SMILE.  And by all means, don't forget to thank the host for inviting you.