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2022 Fall Festival Vendors

Oaklake Trails is committed to providing a safe space for all people who practice social nudism or would like to as nudist-curious.  All people are welcome and accepted at Oaklake Trails regardless of age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, religion or family structures. 


OLT Arts Festival Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of the Oaklake Trails Annual Fall Festival is to encourage, invite and showcase regional vendors whose products encourage body-positive imagery, health, wellness and overall well-being, as it relates to a holistic sense of the human body, which includes physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual health, and/or the environment(s) in which we live (indoors or outdoors).

*My Dad's Salsa
*Kelley's Jewelry and Wraps
*New Creation Lifework
*Leathers by Lory
*Brookside Pottery & Painting
*JP Krievins Paintings
*Shawnna's Chunky Fluff and Stuff
*JoAnn Bowles
*Tisse Creations
*Stacey Spangler
*Diane Blaine
*Goat Guru Soap Company
*The RockN Artist
*Naked Nates
*Autumn's Treats

*Naturist Fiction by DH Jonathan & Will Forest
*Monica Pryor
*Peculiar Hemisphere Arts
*Microgreens by Troy

*Ocean's Echo Reiki & Wellness
*D & D's Route 66 Creations, LLC
*Waxed by Dak
Kim's Krafti Krafts
Vahalla Creations
Bri Curry


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