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30 minutes after sunset

March 19:     Spring Equinox/Full Moon

April 16:       Full Moon

June 18:       Summer Solstice

Sept. 10:      Full Moon

Dec. 17:       Winter Solstice

All are welcome to join these sacred circles at the firepit for a Celebration of Nature.  We will decorate ourselves with tribal markings, drum and rattle together, write down and bless our intentions for the season and dance naked around the fire (weather permitting).  Participants are encouraged to make moon water at the Full Moon Celebrations (bring water and a lidded glass container).  Moon water can be used in the garden or house plants, to drink, to give animals, to spray on the body or around an indoor environment.   


Body paint will be provided, as well as paper and pens to write seasonal intentions.  To set an intention, consider what you’d like to manifest for yourself for the upcoming season or release from the previous one. Maybe you wish to send more love out to the world? Or have a greater sense of self-love or gratitude for your own gifts and attributes? Maybe you are carrying some pain in your heart that you’d like to release? Participants will be invited to place their intentions into the fire or a blessing bowl of water to release or expand.  And remember, wherever you are in life is the perfect place for you in the moment.         

Location: Firepit

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