We are a Family Nudist Resort. We want all people of all ages to enjoy social nudity in a safe, private, secure setting. When you arrive at Oaklake Trails, you will be asked to read and sign a statement stating that you agree to comply with all of our rules. This is a link to that document.


Below is an abbreviated list so you will know what is expected at the resort. PLEASE:


  • CONDUCT: If you wouldn’t do it on Main Street of your home town, don’t do it here. 

  • ILLEGAL DRUGS:  No possession or use of illegal drugs.

  • FIREARMS:  No unauthorized firearms.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY:  No photos taken with any device without prior approval of anyone in the picture.

  • CLOTHING:  Be “nude when possible, clothed when practical.” You must be nude in the pools and hot tub. 

  • POOL AND HOT TUB:  No glass or food in the pools and hot tub. Showering with soap is required before entering.

  • SMOKING and VAPING: No smoking or vaping except in designated areas. Use the receptacles provided to dispose of butts. 

  • CHILDREN:  Children are welcomed when directly supervised by their parent or guardian.  

  • VEHICLES:  The speed limit is 10 mph and pedestrians always have the right of way. 

  • GOLF CARTS: If you have a golf cart, a valid driver’s license is required.

  • PETS:  We love well - behaved pets that are leashed on the main grounds! We love responsible pet owners even more! 

  • SERVICE DOGS: Service dogs with credentials are welcome in all areas of the park EXCEPT the pool and hot tub.

  • QUIET HOURS:  Quiet hours are from 11PM to 7AM when there are no club activities.

  • OPEN FIRES:  No open fires.

  • LITTERING:  Place cans, glass, plastics, and other trash (cigarette butts) in the provided receptacles.

  • BODY JEWELRY:  We prefer understated body jewelry. 

  • SITTING:  Sit on a towel when using an OLT chair or bench.

  • SEVERE WEATHER: Humans and their pets have access to our storm shelter, located at the east end of the RV Meadow near the tower. 

OLT Cancellation Policy:

  • In order to reserve a room, the guest must provide a Credit Card/Debit Card number to be kept on file. The card will not be charged except in case of cancellation.


  • All Cabin reservations will require a one night deposit.  The deposit is non-refundable unless the reservation is cancelled by close of business 2 days prior to date of arrival.  Example: For a Saturday reservation, cancellation would be required by close of business Wednesday.


  • Full payments for Lodging, RV, Tent Sites, and day fees will be required at check-in.


  • No refunds on early departures for any reason.


  • The cancellation of any portion of a multi-day reservation must be made by close of business 2 days prior to the beginning of the first day of the reservation period, and shall constitute a cancellation of the entire reservation. 

Oaklake Trails  is a family-oriented clothing-optional resort located just north of historic Route 66 in Depew, Oklahoma.

We are dedicated to the principle that social nudity with your friends and family is wholesome, relaxing, emotionally and physically healthy, and just plain fun.

Established in the summer of 1992, Oaklake Trails is located on more than 400 acres of beautiful hickory and oak covered hills halfway between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. 

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