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We are a Family Nudist Resort. We want all people of all ages to enjoy social nudity in a safe, private, secure setting. When you arrive at Oaklake Trails, you will be asked to read and sign a statement stating that you agree to comply with all of our rules.

Below are the complete revised Rules so you will know what is expected at the resort.              

  • CONDUCT: Nudism is the shedding of our clothes, not our morals. We expect conduct that does not require an explanation or apology. Offensive or sexually explicit behavior, violence or threatened violence, solicitation of a sexual nature, loud, profane, or abusive language or excessive use of alcohol will not be tolerated.

  • DRUGS: Possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs will not be tolerated.

  • MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Medical Marijuana, regardless of its form of legal consumption, may be used by a person possessing an Oklahoma medical marijuana license, in designated smoking areas, the privacy of a home, an RV parked on a leased or rented lot, or a tent. Consumption of edible medical marijuana is permitted anywhere consumption of other foods are allowed.  Medical Marijuana, which creates emissions, an odor detectable by bystanders, or that may contaminate OLT property shall not be used except in designated locations. All persons on OLT property shall be subject to Oklahoma law and OLT medical marijuana polices.

  • CLUBHOUSE: The clubhouse is open for members’ use every day, all day, unless there are repairs or special events planned.

  1. Kitchen:

    1. If you use the kitchen, please clean up.

    2. The refrigerator is emptied every Tuesday. Free food may be left on the bottom shelf.

    3. Alcoholic beverages may not be stored in the clubhouse refrigerator.

  2. Large Hall

    1. The large hall is restricted to club sanctioned events. Please confine personal use to the smaller area outside the kitchen.

  3. Game Room (second floor)

    1. No food, please.

    2. Children under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent.

  • FIREARMS:  Unauthorized firearms are prohibited.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY:  Photos taken with any imaging device, clandestinely, or without the knowledge or consent of the person(s) being photographed are STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in immediate expulsion, equipment confiscation and possible legal action.  (Complete camera rules available in OLT office.)

  • PHONES AND TABLETS: Devices are allowed in the pool area but if there is a camera, a sticker must be placed over the camera lens. Stickers may be obtained at the office or at the gate entrances to the pool. If the sticker falls off, it must be replaced immediately.

  • CLOTHING:  Nudity is required in the pool, hot tub, and strongly encouraged when using all recreational facilities on the main grounds. We encourage the principle of “nude when possible clothed when practical.” Clothing must be worn, however, when visible by the public or as indicated by management (as when contractors or community representatives are on the grounds). Weather and health permitting, we encourage you to experience the freedom of being nude.

  • POOL AND HOT TUB:  There are no lifeguards at OLT’s pools and hot tub. Please shower before entering pools or hot tub. Glass containers and food of any type are not allowed in pools or hot tub.

  • SMOKING and VAPING: Smoking and vaping are prohibited except in designated areas. Dispose of tobacco products in the provided receptacles only.

  • GATE CODES: Do not share Gate Codes with anyone.

  • CHILDREN:  You are responsible at all times for the safety and behavior of your children.  Minor children not accompanied by their parents/guardians will not be admitted without the notarized written permission of his/her guardian to be at OLT. Consent forms are available in the office. After 8:00 pm, children under the age of 18 must be under the direct supervision of the adult/guardian. Unless announced otherwise for special events, children under 12 years old must be at your campsite after 10 PM. Children 12- 18 years old must be at your campsite after 11.

  • VEHICLES:  The speed limit is 10 mph and pedestrians always have the right of way. Licensed drivers only.  Be watchful for children.

  • GOLF CARTS: You must have a valid state driver’s license or be at least 18 years old to drive a golf cart. Children 12 and over may drive when accompanied by a licensed driver. Children under 12 are not permitted to drive. No more riders than available seats will allow. Your cart must have operational headlights. ATV’s with handlebars are not allowed on the trails.

  • PETS:  Keep all pets on a leash, off the common grounds, and under control at all times. Clean up after your pet.

  • SERVICE DOGS: Service dogs with credentials are welcome in all areas of OLT except the pool and hot tub.

  • QUIET HOURS:  Please be respectful of your neighbors. Except for club-sanctioned events/activities, quiet hours are from 11PM to 7AM.

  • OPEN FIRES:  Fire danger at OLT is frequently high. Therefore, please no open fires on OLT grounds without the express consent from management.

  • LITTERING:  We are proud of the neat appearance of our club, and we thank you for your help in keeping it that way. Please place cans, glass, plastics, and other trash in the provided receptacles, including cigarette butts. If you are on the trails, carry out what you carried in.

  • BODY JEWELRY:  Understated body jewelry is preferred.

  • SITTING:  Please sit on a towel when using an OLT chair, bench or any other equipment belonging to OLT such as bikes and exercise equipment. You should never be seated on anything without something between you and the surface.

  • GUESTS:  Please meet your guests at the gate and register them at the office. There will be a charge if your guest (non-family members) uses club facilities or if they stay overnight. You are responsible for the behavior of your guests.

  • SEVERE WEATHER: We are located in Creek County and are very near the Lincoln County line. We encourage you to monitor the weather while you are visiting. OLT’s storm shelter is located at the east end of the RV Meadow near the tower. Socialized pets are welcome. Dogs must be on a leash. All other pets must be in carriers..


  • If you witness or experience someone violating the OLT Rules, we encourage you to report the incident by filing a written description of the event on the approved Grievance form. This form is available in the Bistro, Clubhouse, and Office. An envelope is provided for anonymity and should be placed in the drop box outside the office. The Grievance will go directly to the Chair who will review it and forward it to the Membership Chair. The Membership Committee will interview the persons involved in the incident and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for further action, if any. The Board will discuss the recommendation and vote on further action.


  • If the action is greater than a written reprimand, the person receiving the reprimand will be informed in writing that they have thirty days from the date of the reprimand to request in writing a Review Committee hearing. The Chair of the Board will appoint three people to serve: the Chair of the Membership Committee, one Director, and one member. When the request is received, the Committee will meet within forty-five days to hear the arguments and decide if the recommended reprimand should be enforced. The Review Committee’s decision is final for that offense and may not be altered by the Board.


  • Any Director or member of management has the authority to immediately expel any person from the grounds for any infraction of OLT rules.

OLT Cancellation Policy:

  • In order to reserve a room, the guest must provide a Credit Card/Debit Card number to be kept on file. The card will not be charged except in case of cancellation.


  • All Cabin reservations will require a one night deposit.  The deposit is non-refundable unless the reservation is cancelled by close of business 2 days prior to date of arrival.  Example: For a Saturday reservation, cancellation would be required by close of business Wednesday.


  • Full payments for Lodging, RV, Tent Sites, and day fees will be required at check-in.


  • No refunds on early departures for any reason.


  • The cancellation of any portion of a multi-day reservation must be made by close of business 2 days prior to the beginning of the first day of the reservation period, and shall constitute a cancellation of the entire reservation. 

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