Free Park Admission

​SEPTEMBER 18, 2021


As Oaklake Trails continues to change, evolve and grow, we are committed to providing a safe space for all people who practice social nudism or would like to as nudist-curious.  All people are welcome and accepted at Oaklake Trails regardless of age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, religion or family structures. 


Last year’s Arts’ Festival was amazing! So, of course, this year’s OLT Arts’ Festival promises to build on last year’s success. 


OLT Arts Festival Statement of Purpose: The purpose of the Oaklake Trails Annual Arts Festival is to encourage, invite and showcase regional vendors whose products encourage body-positive imagery, health, wellness and overall well-being, as it relates to a holistic sense of the human body, which includes physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual health, and/or the environment(s) in which we live (indoors or outdoors).


Country Couple Creations (custom vinyl)

New Creation Lifework (pens, wine stoppers, corkscrews)

Kelley Tran (jewelry and wraps)

Leathers By Lory

Juris Krievins (painting)

Will Forest and D. H. Jonathan (naturist fiction)

My Dad's Salsa

Ronald Welch (sketches, prints, books)

Landella (beads and jewelry)

Knit Me A Blanket!

Floyd Scarborough (wood carvings)

AromaTouch Technique (essential oil therapy)


WHAT TO BRING: Oaklake Trails does not provide alcohol service; however, you are welcome to bring any beverages of your choice, as well as personal food items.  It is recommended that you bring a towel to sit upon and any cover-ups, sunscreen, insect repellent and a hat that will provide the maximum level of personal comfort.  As a clothing-optional park, you are welcome to be as clothed or un-clothed as you wish (except while using the hot tub and pools, where you must be clothing free).


LODGING: Oaklake Trails offers cabin rentals and tent camping, as available, should you choose one of these options.  In addition, there are nationally recognized and local accommodations available in Stroud and Bristow. Please make reservations in advance, as lodging fills quickly.

For additional information about Oaklake Trails, please visit our our FAQ & Social Nudity Etiquette page,  where you will find the rules of the park and tidbits on what to expect during your visit.