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RATES (effective January 1, 2023)


Day Member Peak Rates (April-October)

Rates 1.png

Day Member Off-Peak Rates (November - March)

Rates 2.png

AANR Membership Rates through OLT


Inquire at the office about Lifetime AANR membership rates.


Cabin Rates

Redbud, Cabins 2&3

Rates 3.png

Cabins 4-9

Rates 4.png

Glamping Cabin Rates

Rates 5.png

RV Rates

Rates 6.png

Tent Rates

Rates 7.png

Annual OLT Membership

Rates 8.png

Monthly payment options for NEW members

Single - $433 per year or $41.50 per month

Couples/Family - $841.50 per year or $74 per month

Associate Couple/Family - $546 per year or $48 per month

Adult Dependent Family - $378.25 per year or $39.25 per month

*Associates are those who live outside of a 150-mile radius of Oaklake Trails.

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