RATES (effective January 1, 2022)


Day Member Peak Rates (April-October)

Day Member Off-Peak Rates (November - March)

AANR Membership Rates through OLT


Inquire at the office about Lifetime AANR membership rates.


Cabin Rates

Redbud, Cabins 2&3

Redbud Rates Table.JPG

Cabins 4-9

Cabins 4-9 Rate Table.JPG

Glamping Cabin Rates

Glamping Cabins Rate Table.JPG

RV Rates

RV Sites Rate Table.JPG

Tent Rates

Tent Camping Rates Table.JPG

Annual OLT Membership

Annual Rates Table.JPG

Monthly payment options for NEW members

Single - $397 per year or $38 per month

Couples/Family - $772 per year or $68 per month

Associate Couple/Family - $501 per year or $44 per month

Dependent family membership - $347 per year or $36 per month

*Associates are those who live outside of a 150 mile radius of Oaklake Trails.