Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Can I just show up to see the park?


For your first to visit the park, you should call ahead. You will need to check in at the office first. For everyone's safety a background check is run on all guests. 

2.  What should I bring when I visit?


The most important items to bring are a valid photo ID, sun screen, bug spray and a large towel.
You may consider bringing something to drink and eat, shoes for hiking and a Big Smile! :)

3.  Do I have to be nude all the time?


No. The pool and hot tub are the only places where you are required to be nude. 

4.  What should I expect on my first visit?


You should expect to meet some of the friendliest people around who just happen to share your outlook on social nude recreation.  Talk, engage, enjoy!   This is a Family Friendly Resort, not an Adult Only or Lifestyle meeting place.

5.  Do I need a reservation?


No reservations are necessary for a day visit, although reservations for Cabins or RV sites are required.

6.  What does OLT expect of me?


We expect our members and guests to respect others and treat them as they would like to be treated. We expect you to act and present yourself as you would in any public park or resort. Look at the Club Guidelines for more details. Some members like to have a quiet and peaceful stay. Others enjoy a full and active social life with lots of friends and activities. You may fall somewhere in between.

7.  What is the best time to visit the resort?


Anytime is a great time to visit!   More members are present on weekends and during events. During the week it's a bit quieter on the main grounds. Every season has unique charm and reveals Oklahoma's natural beauty.

8.  Do you have Lockers?  Where do we put our clothes?


We do not have lockers available.  You may disrobe and leave your things in your car.

9.  May we bring alcohol?

Yes.  You may bring alcohol but remember, no glass containers are allowed in the hot tub or pool enclosures.

10. Do you rent golf carts?

We do not rent golf carts at this time.​

11.  How soon can we disrobe?

Anytime you are within our gates you may be nude.