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Goddess Gatherings

@ 1:30pm

March 19: Opening

April 16: Acceptance

May 14: Creativity

June 18: Unconditional Love

July 16: Truth

Aug. 20: Intuition

Sept. 10: Boundlessness

Oct. 8: Radiance

Nov. 5: Empowerment (CANCELLED)

Dec. 17: Understanding     

Goddess Gatherings is a women’s only group that will move through the themes indicated and serves as a mirror group to The Green Man Group.  Each theme represents an aspect of our existence based on the chakra system.  Within this sacred space, participants will be invited to drum, rattle, and move through specifically designed sets of kriyas (combination of yoga postures/positions, breathwork, mudras and mantras) connected to each theme.  The intention of each gathering is to provide tools that support women in their daily efforts to relieve stress, release physical tension, maintain balance, increase energy, connect to the self and others and promote overall health and well-being as vessels of divine feminine energy. 


Sessions will be led by Lanette Clark, Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Meditation Guide and Kundalini Yoga Instructor (200HR).  While the Goddess Gatherings are set up as a series, participants are welcome to attend any of the sessions according to availability and theme interest. 


Cost:            Donation-based

Provided:   A selection of yoga mats and cushions

Bring:          TWO towels and a bottle of water

Location:    Clubhouse

Contact:     Please email Lanette at if you have questions or would like more    information.

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