The schedule for early May so far includes:


Friday May 1st - Meet and Greet at the Fire pit 

 Arlie - playing music from the porch of the clubhouse 

Saturday May 2nd -  Karaoke in the NEW Pavilion   Music by DJ Magic Mike Coffee

Friday, May 8th - Meet and Greet in the NEW Pavilion   Music by - DJ Magic Mike Coffee 

Saturday May 9th -   Music by the One Man Band,   possibly in the NEW pavilion. 

Friday May 15th - Meet and Greet in the NEW Pavilion   Music by -DJ Magic Mike Coffee

Saturday May 16th - Chris Foster pianist in the  clubhouse - Jazz/Blue's piano music by Chris Foster

Memorial Day weekend (May 23rd) - original schedule

 Details on the Calendar Page

Per Governor Stitt’s latest decision, we will re-open on May 1st to members only and to day visitors two weeks later.    
I am proud to say that we were able to keep all our employees who wished to stay on the payroll with full pay. We were also able to continue capital development.

Below are the projects we were able to continue (and will complete) and the -

Amount we have invested to date:

  • The Bare Buns Bistro $19,000

  • The new Pavilion $22,000

  • Lot development $22,500 (Fire Road and West Ridge)

 We also are planning a year so packed with activities that you won’t want to miss a single weekend with your OLT family. But we need your help to do that.
At this point, we do not know the impact of the business we lost during the closure or the future impact resulting from the economic downturn. We DO know that the renewal of annual memberships and the growth from new day and annual members will be critical in keeping OLT on its path to improving every year.
OLT was closed to everyone but lot holders from March 25 through April 30. That reduced the potential usage of each annual member who did not have a lot lease by 37 days or 10%.
When you renew your membership in 2020/21,
we are offering the following options:

1. Renew your annual membership as you always do. If you choose this option, you will be eligible for the “Ask a Friend” promotion.
We encourage you to bring up to six individuals or couples as first time visitors to OLT between May 1 and September 1, 2020.
For each individual or couple you bring to the office for their first registration that joins OLT as a member during the next 30 days, you will receive a 1 month extension on your 2021/2022 annual membership. That means up to 6 months of free fun at OLT!

2. Pay for your 2020/21 membership in full and ask for an extension of 37 days. If you choose this option, you will not be eligible for the “Ask a Friend” promotion.
Remember, in 28 years of operation, the shareholders of OLT have never taken one cent in a dividend or profit but instead have reinvested every penny made into the improvements in our park. Perhaps you can see the value in opting for number 1 above!  
We appreciate each and every member. You are foremost on our mind as we plan for the future. We hope you will help us keep growing and improving by choosing to “Ask a Friend.”

Oaklake Trails  is a family-oriented clothing-optional resort located just north of historic Route 66 in Depew, Oklahoma.

We are dedicated to the principle that social nudity with your friends and family is wholesome, relaxing, emotionally and physically healthy, and just plain fun.

Established in the summer of 1992, Oaklake Trails is located on more than 400 acres of beautiful hickory and oak covered hills halfway between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. 

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