Pools at Oaklake Trails

Oaklake Trails has two heated swimming pools for you to enjoy.

The north pool, also known as the 'volleyball pool', is where our famous volleyball games take place. If you want to start a game, just ring the bell attached to the net and players will come running!

The south pool, also known as the 'conversation pool', is just as the name implies. It's a great place to relax, catch up with friends and to cool off on a hot day.

Both pools are heated to approximately 88ºF. They are open during the warmer months, usually from April through October and closed for the rest of the year.


Pool Rules

Shower before entering pool

No clothing to be worn in pool

No glass containers in pool area

No smoking in pool area

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult

No running or diving

No animals allowed in pool area

Maximum pool capacity: 85 persons

Oaklake Trails  is a family-oriented clothing-optional resort located just north of historic Route 66 in Depew, Oklahoma.

We are dedicated to the principle that social nudity with your friends and family is wholesome, relaxing, emotionally and physically healthy, and just plain fun.

Established in the summer of 1992, Oaklake Trails is located on more than 400 acres of beautiful hickory and oak covered hills halfway between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. 

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