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Co-ed Yoga: Lengthen & Strengthen

April 15, May 13 (9:00am), June 10, July 15, August 19, September 16, 

October 14 (8:00am) and November 11

11:30am (except where noted)

16 and up

Pavilion (Clubhouse, if inclement weather)


All levels welcome.

Donations to the instructor are appreciated, but not required. 

Yoga means “union”.  This is yoga to bring the body and mind into balance-practice to build strength in the body, but also a quest for harmony and equanimity.  To lengthen and to strengthen means to grow and to build.  We do this practice to tone the body, to become stronger and to balance the building of muscles with a focus on the spine, as we create space between the muscle fibers and joints.


Join Lanette Clark as she guides you through a sequence of poses, pairing the breath with each posture to bring the body and mind into balance.  We will participate in the dance of balancing opposites-humanity and individuality; right and left; hard and soft; effort and ease; masculine and feminine; sun and moon; up and down.  Each practice will begin with slow stretching, followed by poses that will move the body into spaces of elongation and strength-building.


Lanette has a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction and is a Certified Holy Fire III Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Yoga Instructor (500HR CYT), and Certified Thai Yoga Bodywork Practitioner.  She also serves as the Director of Marketing, Special Events and Programs at Oaklake, along with being the owner of a small business, Ocean’s Echo Reiki & Wellness in Tulsa, OK. 


Items provided: selection of mats and a few bolsters, yoga straps, yoga blocks

Items to bring: 2 towels (one to lay on top of the mat; one to fold) and water

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