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New for 2024: CampLife at OLT

Since our inception, and throughout countless changes, growth, and additions to our park, we have had a singular focus: Member satisfaction. In 2024 we will implement the resort management software system, CampLife, in effort to not only maintain but drastically improve our ability to provide every member the fantastic customer service experience that is the bedrock of Oaklake Trails.

Why this upgrade is necessary: Having experienced stunning growth over the past several years, it has become an absolute necessity to transition our service platform from simple hand-processed files to a modern management system. With almost 700 Annual members and thousands of Day members, we are simply overwhelmed with paperwork. This information logjam prevents our team from focusing on other aspects of service and diminishes the quality of both incoming and outgoing communications. By eliminating redundant tasks, eliminating the risk of errors, and centralizing all of our data we will drastically expand our time focused on member interactions and park improvements.

What this means for all members:  

Firstly, your data has been and will continue to be secure as we transition from our previous card processing and point of sale system, Square, to our new resort management software, CampLife. Your data has been and will continue to be hosted in a secure cloud. We will be transitioning from Microsoft to Amazon Web Service for our secure hosting services. We explicitly understand the need to maintain the security of your data and this update will further our ability to do so.

For members who use our current auto-billing features, we will be reaching out to you in the coming weeks to request you visit or call in with your payment information. We do not have access to your card that is currently on file, so we will need to be given this info again in order to add your payment info into CampLife. You will also have the new option of adding a bank account for auto drafted charges if you'd prefer to use one vs. a credit or debit card and we strongly encourage you to do so. Credit card processing fees cost Oaklake SCORES of thousands of dollars every year. ACH debits are much more affordable for us and those savings can be redirected towards park improvements that will benefit every member.


1. Once your Guest Profile is completed, you'll have the option to login to your account on CampLife and see all of your purchase history moving forward, as well as any recurring bills you may have with us such as memberships, lot rent, etc.

2. Sometime in the first half of 2024 we will launch the ability for members to book RV, Cabin, and Tent spaces on our website. This means you can reserve lodging 24/7 without needing to call the office during business hours.

3. We will now ask to keep your vehicle description and plate number on file for all motor vehicles and RVs you bring into the park. This security upgrade will allow OLT staff to respond far more quickly to any incident involving motor vehicles via immediate owner identification.


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