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Oaklake Trails


Thank you for visiting the Oaklake Trails Naturist Park Membership Rules and Park Policies Page. We have implemented a number of rules and policies to protect our members and guests. Please take sufficient time to review the rules and policies below because your compliance is mandatory. We hope this handbook will help you understand what Oaklake Trails Naturist Park is about.

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Please remember, each of us has a direct responsibility to protect and preserve the integrity and character of Oaklake Trails. We take tremendous pride in knowing that Oaklake Trails is a happy place for so many of our residents, members, and visitors. We trust you will do your part in making Oaklake Trails a happy place for all.

To secure your safety, protect your privacy, and enhance your enjoyment of Oaklake Trails and its facilities, we expect you to follow these basic rules of conduct, and policies. Failure to follow these rules at any time may result in restriction(s), immediate removal, and/or permanent expulsion from Oaklake Trails.

Additionally, we hope you will help us enforce these rules. If something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable, report it IMMEDIATELY to management. Incident reporting forms are available in the office, clubhouse and bistro and may be dropped off in the office or in the locked drop box next to the office door.

OLT has eight (8) standing committees: Executive, Finance, Strategic Planning, Grounds and Facilities, Nominating, Personnel, Membership, and Special Events. Each committee must have at least one Director as a member. The membership of the Executive, Personnel, Nominating, and Strategic Planning Committees are defined by the By-Laws. The other four committees have open membership. As an annual member of Oaklake Trails, we encourage you to participate in those committees. The Chair of OLT is responsible for naming persons to serve on committees and the chair of each committee.


OLT is a “for-profit” business and any actions or conduct by membership that cause controversy or discontent will not be tolerated.

The office will be glad to provide you with the names of those currently serving on the Board and as committee chairs.


Following a successful background check, all day members and visitors must arrive during business hours and check in at the OLT office upon entering the grounds. 


As an annual member in good standing, you have access to the grounds at Oaklake Trails 365 days a year, unless previously notified by management or in emergency situations. Your safety and security are very important to us. You have chosen a gate code to allow you access to the park. This is your personal code; please keep this code secure and do not share gate codes with anyone. You are the first defense in keeping your park secure when leaving or entering the park. Please wait until the gate begins to close. This will help ensure that no one else will enter the park through an open gate. Tailgating is forbidden. Please make sure the gate closes before entering your code or using your remote and proceeding through the gate.


The fire exit is only to be used as an egress in emergency situations.


If a Staff Member or Board Member requests you to stop doing something, to comply with a rule, or asks you to leave, please follow their requests. After you follow their requests and you are unhappy with their decision, please contact management in the office and file a grievance. If you do not follow the request of a Staff Member or Board Member, you will be removed from the premises.


The Office Manager, Directors, COO, or Security has the authority to immediately expel any person from the grounds for any infraction of Oaklake Trails rules.


Nudism is the shedding of our clothes, not our morals. Oaklake Trails is family-oriented. We expect language and conduct that does not require an explanation or apology. All body contact is limited to simple expressions of affection and friendship.

AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation)

Oaklake Trails was founded on the AANR Principles and Standards. While the quality of our facilities may have changed over the years, our commitment to fostering wholesome, nurturing environments that promote body acceptance and respect for all persons has not changed. Members subscribe to the following principles, which you’ll find repeated on every AANR membership card:

We recognize the essential wholesomeness of the human body and that life is enhanced by the naturalness of social nudity. From exercise to relaxation, physical health and mental well-being are enriched through social nude recreation. We have the right to practice social nudity in appropriate settings, provided we do not infringe on the rights of others.


AANR-Guidelines/Standards: Standards are as follows:

  • AANR welcomes all people willing to conform to its Principles and Standards, regardless of age, gender, marital status, religious beliefs, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.

  • Any agreement to be photographed or to permit any public use of name, address or occupation shall not be a requirement of membership.

  • We reject categorically any attempt to associate the good name and reputation of family social nudism, of any AANR-chartered club, or of the American Association for Nude Recreation, with the sexual exploitation of the human body. We further reject any use of the terms nudist, nudism, family social nudism, or American Association for Nude Recreation, as a cover for sexually-exploitive purposes, commercial or otherwise.

  • The misuse, abuse or misrepresentation of any member’s relationship with an AANR-chartered club, or with AANR, in violation of these Principles and Standards, shall be grounds for termination of membership.




While Oaklake Trails welcomes everyone, it is not a lifestyle/swinger’s resort. Sexual behavior is not permitted in public. Activity of a sexual nature is not allowed in public. Lewd/sexual behavior or activity of any kind in any public area is forbidden.


Behaviors prohibited including but not limited to:

  • Harassment of any kind toward staff, members, residents, children, guests, or visitors.

  • Unwanted or undue attention to another person or person’s children.

  • Unwanted advances to another person.

  • Touching of others or yourself in a sexually suggestive way.

  • Staring or watching others that would suggest harassment.

  • Offensive or sexually explicit behaviors and activities.

  • Physical violence or threatened violence.

  • Solicitation of any type.

  • Loud, profane, or abusive language.

  • Demeaning speech or behavior.

  • Drunk and disorderly conduct, or excessive use of alcohol.

  • Underage use of alcohol.

  • Violations of privacy.

  • Use of illegal drugs.

  • Destruction or damage to property, club or personal.

  • Immoral conduct, outside society standards of acceptable, honest, and moral behavior.

  • Disturbance of the peace, any annoyance or nuisance to the community.

  • Public urination.

  • Unwanted photography.


Violations are subject to disciplinary actions including but not limited to the immediate expulsion from the park and revocation of membership.



Excessive alcohol consumption or drunkenness that puts others in harms way will not be tolerated.

  • Alcoholic beverages are permitted in moderation for guests, visitors, and members 21 and over.

  • Sale of Alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited on Oaklake Trails property.

  • Alcoholic beverages may not be stored in the clubhouse refrigerator.


Photos or video taken with any imaging device, clandestinely, or without the knowledge or consent of the person(s) being photographed or recorded are STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in immediate expulsion, equipment confiscation and possible legal action.

No photos or video may be taken with any imaging device without the knowledge and express permission of the person(s) being photographed.

  • Oaklake Trails has official photographers to record activities and special events.

  • Oaklake Trails official photographers will request your verbal permission if the photos will only be displayed on the grounds of Oaklake Trails.

  • Photographs used for any AANR, Oaklake Trails or other nudist related publication (print or digital).

  • Personal photos and videos (snap shots, candid shots, or video recordings).

  • You may take photos of yourself, your family members/significant others, or friends with their verbal permission on the trails or in open areas, but no other people or vehicles can be visible in the photo, even in the background.

  • Professional or semi-professional photo shoots may be arranged at least seven (7)) days in advance with the office. Both the photographer and the subject(s) must sign an application that will be accepted or rejected by the Board of Directors or its designee. The application form is available in the office.


Devices are allowed in the pool area but if there is a camera(s), a sticker must be placed over the camera(s) lens. Stickers may be obtained at the office or at the gate entrances to the pool. If the sticker falls off, it must be replaced immediately. If you are spotted with a cell phone visible (outside your pocket, bag, etc.) and the sticker is not visible, you will be asked to leave the pool area for the remainder of the day (NO DEBATE, NO DISCUSSION, NO TOLERANCE).



Private OLT Facebook Page Group Rules:

  • Be kind and courteous. We’re all in this together to create a welcoming environment of social nudism. Treat everyone with respect and dignity.

  • We want everyone in this group to feel safe. Bullying of any kind is not allowed, and degrading or hateful comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.

  • No fundraising or spam. As a community, we want to support our members. Group members are allowed to share information about and promote their businesses; however, fundraising, for any purpose, is only allowed by the group administrators. Spam links are not permitted.

  • Respect everyone’s privacy. Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What’s shared in this group should stay in this group.


Violation of these rules may be grounds for dismissal from the group. We appreciate your cooperation.



Parents/Legal guardians are responsible for the direct supervision, discipline, safety, behavior, and well-being of their minor children at all times. Minor children not accompanied by their parents/guardians will not be admitted without the notarized written permission of his/her legal guardian(s) to Oaklake Trails.

Children under 0 - 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times in the pools.

Children 3 -12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times in the hot tub. Children under the age of three (3) are prohibited. Children not potty-trained must wear a leak-proof swim diaper in pools and hot tub.


Unless announced otherwise, minor children under the age of sixteen (16) will be allowed to attend dances or other club sponsored events for the first hour of the activity. For example, if a dance begins at 9:00 pm, they may stay until 10:00 pm. If the dance starts at 8:00 pm, they may stay until 9:00 pm. Children, ages 16-18 years old, will be allowed to attend these events, as long as they are supervised.


Parents that fail to supervise their children at all times will be subject to disciplinary actions including, but not limited to the immediate expulsion from the park and revocation of membership.




Fire danger at Oaklake Trails is frequently high. Therefore, burning of any kind including campfires, fire pits, or open fires on Oaklake Trails grounds is not permitted without the express consent of the Board of Directors (club sanctioned events are exempt).

  • Gas or electric grills are recommended. Use charcoal grills with caution, all grills must be attended while in use.

  • Burning, campfires, fire pits, or open fires are banned in the following areas; camping, RV, cabins, and glampers.

  • Smoking on the trails is prohibited when Creek County burn bans are in effect.

  • Fire extinguishers are located in all building main areas.

  • Fire exit is located north of meadow, signs are posted.

  • Lot holders are allowed to use fire pits when Creek County burn bans are not in effect, and assume all responsibility.

  • No person may discharge fireworks on the property of Oaklake Trails without the express written consent of the Oaklake Trails Board of Directors.


Quiet time is Sunday through Thursday 10 pm – 7 am; Friday and Saturday quiet time is midnight to 7 am. Sanctioned activities on Friday and Saturday may run later than midnight.




This is your park, be proud of it. Please pick up your own trash and throw it away. We are proud of the neat appearance of our club, and we thank you for your help in keeping it that way. Please place aluminum cans, glass, plastics, and other trash in the provided receptacles, including cigarette butts. If you are on the trails, carry out what you carried in.

  • If you see trash when you walk around the park, please pick it up and dispose of it.

  • Recycling is available at Oaklake Trails. Aluminum and plastic bottle containers are located at each pool gate. Receptacles for aluminum, clear plastics, glass, other plastics, and cardboard are located across from the dumpsters.

  • No littering is allowed, including cigarette butts.



“Towel Reserved” seating in the clubhouse, pavilion, or at the pool is not allowed. Please take your items with you when departing from any facility. Any item left unattended for more than one hour can be removed by staff. Dance seating areas open 30 minutes prior to start.



Unless an item of clothing has been specifically approved by the BOD, nudity is required in the pools, hot tub, and sauna.

We strongly encourage nudity when using all recreational facilities on the main grounds. We encourage the principle of “nude, when possible, clothed when practical.” Clothing must be worn, however, when visible by the public or as indicated by management (as when contractors or community representatives are on the grounds). Weather and health permitting, we encourage you to experience the freedom of being nude.


Oaklake Trails speed limit is 10 mph throughout the park; abandoned, non-functional, Semi-truck cargo trailers are not allowed.



The owner of said vehicle assumes ALL responsibility for damage, liability, injury and other actions involving the vehicle on Oaklake Trails grounds. Recreational motor vehicles with handlebars are not allowed. Drivers must have a valid driver’s license. Oaklake Trails speed limit is 10 mph.

  • Tires: Turf or DOT approved tires are recommended. Aggressive tires or tires specifically designed for use in sand and mud are not permitted and staff will require you to leave your vehicle trailered during your visit.

  • Seating: The Seating number is as recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Sound: No enhanced sound, sound reduction encouraged.

  • Lighting: Headlights and taillights required.

  • Engine: Vehicles larger than 1000 CC are not permitted.


The speed limit is 10 mph and pedestrians and bicycles always have the right of way. Licensed drivers only. Be watchful for children.


  • Cutting or trimming of any standing tree, dead or alive, must be approved by Building and Grounds.

  • No trailblazing, any new trails require Board of Director approval.

  • All posted signs must be obeyed. Please note the speed limit is 10 mph throughout the park. Day-visitor parking is by the office and in the meadow.

  • Damage caused to the resort property will be your responsibility and you will be charged for these damages. Theft of or damage to personal property could lead to charges, fines and/or imprisonment based on State/Federal laws.

  • Septic systems require special considerations. Please do not put any feminine products, paper towels or baby wipes through the system. Waste baskets have been provided in each restroom area for your use.

  • No Political signs of any kind may be displayed on lots or public areas. Flags flown on flagpoles (freely displayed on both sides) are limited to: United States of America; State; Native American; AANR; US Military Services; POW/MIA and College Professional Sports.


OLT has no dedicated areas for dog training or exercising, currently. However, the plan is to build it in the near future.  Regardless of whether you are on the main grounds or in a Dog Park.  It is critical that dogs be on leash or under control of their owner at all times.

The dog must have identification tags with dog’s name, owners name and owners phone number visible at all times. An owner bringing a dog on to OLT property must register that dog with the OLT office. Registration information include as a minimum the following information: Owners Name, contact information including address and phone number, Dog’s Picture, License and registration information, and shot records.

  • Minimum Required vaccines for your dog includes: Rabies, canine parvovirus, distemper, and canine hepatitis, which are considered core vaccines and proof of these vaccines are required for any dog brought on to OLT. 

  • An owner bringing a dog to OLT assumes all liability for any property damage or injuries to persons or other animals caused by the dog.  If your dog bites any person or another person’s pet that must be reported to the office. OLT wants a safe environment for its members and their pets.

Pets and service animals are welcomed at Oaklake Trails with the following considerations:




  • Your dog(s) must be obedient, and non-aggressive to humans and other dogs. A formally trained dog is an asset not a liability. Formal training includes obedience, protection, tracking.

  • A dog outside of a kennel shall be under the physical control of its owner by means of a leash not exceeding six (6) feet in length or be under the owner’s immediate control by voice commands or other electric or electronic controls. Up to thirty-foot (30) leads may be used during dog training exercises.

  • Keep pets out of all buildings including but not limited to the following main grounds (Bare Buns Bistro, game courts, club house grounds, pool grounds, and playgrounds.)

  • Clean up after your pet. All pet droppings are to be picked up and properly disposed of.

  • Caution: Summer temperatures can be very high, make sure your pet has adequate shade and water.



Service Animals

  • A service dog is a dog specifically trained to perform work for a person with a disability.

  • Service dogs with credentials are welcome in all areas of Oaklake Trails except the pool, hot tub, and sauna.


(Future) OLT Dog Park Rules and Regulations

The OLT Dog Park is a place where dogs may be on or off a leash, if and only, they are fully controlled by their owner.  This means trained dogs that are totally responsive to their owner’s voice commands or electronic commands.  “Owner” means any person in possession and control or custody of a dog.

 These rules are necessary to protect the health, welfare and safety of park users.

  • Within the Dog Park the owner is fully liable and assumes the risk for the dog’s conduct.

  • No unaccompanied children are allowed in the Dog Park for safety reasons.

  • A dog within a Dog Park area shall always be under the owner’s immediate control. All Dog owners must carry their leash with them at all times.

  • An owner of a dog creating a disturbance or not being properly controlled shall be evicted from the Dog Park.

  • No person having been convicted of allowing a dog to bite, chase or attack any person or animal, shall be permitted to bring a dog into Dog Park.

  • No dog which is diseased shall be permitted within the Dog Park.

  • All owners must clean up and remove any fecal deposits made by their dog.

  • No vicious dog shall be permitted within the OLT Dog Park area.

  • No dog will be left unattended within OLT Dog Park area.

  • Professional dog trainer/behaviorist may conduct training within the Dog Park when approved by the OLT management.

  • “Stop your dogs from digging.” Fill in any holes your dog may dig or make appropriate repairs to disturbed areas.

  • Playing catch (i.e., football, baseball, etc.) between people or using remote-controlled toys, which can cause harm to the dogs in the park is prohibited.

  • Dog behavior can be unpredictable around other dogs and strangers. For the safety of all the dogs at the parks, immediately leash your dog if it exhibits aggressive behavior and leave the Dog

  • Park area. Protect yourself and your dog. If aggressive behavior is observed, take immediate. action and leave the park.

  • Use common sense and do not allow conflicts between owners and dogs.Safety must be the rule, not the exception.


The Oklahoma Health Department sets the standards for our pools, hot tub, saunas, and their enclosure.

Mandatory Rules and Regulations are posted in all pool, hot tub, and sauna areas, you are required to obey these regulations for the benefit of all members and guests.

There are no lifeguards at Oaklake Trails pools and hot tub.

  • Nudity is required in the pools, hot tub, and sauna.

  • No photography or video is allowed inside these areas. See photography policy.

  • It is mandatory to shower before entering the pools or hot tub to keep sunscreen and other chemicals out of the water.

  • It is mandatory to shower before entering the sauna.

  • Glass containers are NOT permitted in the pool, hot tub, sauna, and their enclosures.

  • Toys and floats are for your use. Put them away after use.

  • Lounge chairs are for everyone’s use. Do not leave your towels on them when you are not around the pool area. This will allow our guests’ use of the chairs too.

  • Smartphones and other electronic devices are allowed in the pool area but the camera lens must be visibly covered. Stickers are provided at both pool gates and in the office. See photography policy.

  • Children not potty-trained must wear a leak-proof swim diaper in pools and hot tub.


For health reasons, it is mandatory when sitting or lying on an Oaklake Trails chair, loungers, bench or any other equipment to use a towel to isolate your body from the Oaklake Trails property such as bikes and exercise equipment. You should never be seated on anything without something between you and the surface. If you do not have a towel, purchase one from the office.




No business is to be conducted without the approval of Management. Solicitation (of any type) is not allowed.





Possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs will not be tolerated. Medical Marijuana, regardless of its form of legal consumption, may be used by members in the privacy of their homes, vehicles, RV’s on leased or rented lots, or where not otherwise prohibited. Medical Marijuana, which creates emissions, an odor detectable by bystanders, or that may contaminate Oaklake Trails property may not be used in common areas, common facilities, tents, or rental cabins. (MEDICAL MARIJUANA POLICY IS STATEDHEREIN).



Smoking and vaping are prohibited except in four designated areas. Dispose of tobacco products in the provided receptacles only. No smoking is permitted in the pool, hot tub, or their enclosures.

  • A smoking building is provided at the back of the clubhouse. It is the only indoor area where smoking is permitted.

  • The picnic tables are located at the north end of the Meadow Pavilion.

  • On the hiking trails, smoking of any legal substance is permitted on hiking trails. At Oaklake Trails’ discretion, or if a Creek County and/or Lincoln County Red Flag Fire Warning or an Oklahoma State Red Flag Fire Warning is in effect, smoking may be prohibited in those areas, as an increased fire risk may exist.

  • Smoking is permitted at your RV or home. Smoking is NOT allowed in rental cabins but you may smoke on the porch/patio of rental units.


  • The clubhouse is open 24/7/365, including the kitchen and the restrooms. Keep them clean.

  • No alcoholic beverage of any type may be stored in the refrigerator.

  • The larger area of the clubhouse is closed except for Oaklake Trails sanctioned events. Use the smaller area adjacent to the kitchen for your personal use.

  • The upstairs game room has a library with darts, pool table, and board games. Keep the area clean and respect the posted rules. No food is allowed in this area.

  • The indoor shower is open at all times (24/7/365).

  • Do not open windows or prop doors open for ventilation.

  • The kitchen is provided for your convenience. Clean up after you use it and return it to its proper place! It is well stocked with plates, utensils, pots, and pans. We suggest you label any food you store in the refrigerator. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES CAN BE STORED IN THE REFRIGERATOR. Signs are posted on the door of the refrigerator to remind you when items will be thrown away regardless of labels.


Unauthorized firearms are prohibited! No person may discharge firearms on the property of Oaklake Trails without the express written consent of the Oaklake Trails Board of Directors, except in accordance with Title 21 of the Oklahoma Statutes.


Carrying a firearm or other deadly weapon while at Oaklake Trails is prohibited. Firearms of any kind must remain secured on your lot or in your vehicle.

Anything that endangers your own or others’ safety is prohibited. Weapons of any kind must remain on your lot or in your locked vehicle and may NOT be carried on property.

Oaklake Trails takes no responsibility for any lost/damaged personal property or possessions. Please watch your items and lock valuables in your car as they are your responsibility and not Oaklake Trails.


OLT is located in Creek County near the Lincoln County line. We encourage you to monitor the weather while you are visiting. Oaklake Trails’ storm shelters are located at the east end of the RV Meadow near the tower and on West Ridge Road, South of the main gate. Socialized pets are welcome. Dogs must be on a leash. All other pets must be in carriers.


We welcome first-time visitors whether they come alone or have been invited by a friend. We encourage you to bring first-time visitors to Oaklake Trails to introduce them to the nudist lifestyle. You may bring as many first-time visitors as you wish during the calendar year.

A “first-time visitor” is defined as adults that have not previously been members at Oaklake Trails and that comprise one family unit; for example, a couple, a single or a family.

If a first-time visitor is renting an overnight accommodation, those fees apply.


All members are responsible for the behavior of their guests, whether family or friends, and as such, members are required to be present during a guest visit. Inappropriate behavior may result in the guest being removed from the grounds.


Members must meet their guests at the gate and accompany them to the office to register immediately upon arrival or at the opening of the following business day if the office is closed. Gate codes may not be given out. These policies apply to all OLT members, including stockholders.



  • A guest is defined as a person, a couple or a family unit.

  • A participating guest is one who is attending activities and/or using facilities.

  • A personal guest is one who is not attending activities and/or using facilities other than the Bistro or the Chapel at Oaklake.

  • A permanent resident is defined as on who is in residence for more than 25 days per month.

  • A non-permanent resident is a person who leases a lot but is in residences for 25 or less days per month.

  • There will be no charge for day fees and overnight fees for any Guest Day, regardless of type, until the allotted days are used.

 A written request may be made to the Board of Directors to request additional guest days of any type.  Those requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Individuals who have been expelled or rejected for membership will not be admitted as a guest under any circumstances.


Members may host only 1 guest (person, couple, or family unit) at a time unless advanced written approval is granted by the Management.

Permanent residents are allotted:

  • 14 Participating Family Guest Days per calendar year.

  • 7 Participating Friend Guest Days per calendar year.

  • Personal Guests Days are not limited; however, no guest may stay longer than 10 days without the written approval of the Board of Directors.

Non-Permanent residents are allotted:

  • 7 Participating Family Guest Days per calendar year.

  • 4 Participating Friend Guest Days per calendar year.

  • Personal Guests Days are not limited; however, no guest may stay longer than 10 days without the written approval of the Board of Directors.

Non-resident Members are allotted:

  • 1 Participating Family Guest Day per calendar year.

  • 1 Participating Friend Guest Day per calendar year.

Do not put yourself, your family members, guests, or the office staff in an awkward position by not abiding by these policies.




If you witness or experience someone violating the Oaklake Trails’ Rules, we encourage you to report the incident by filing a written description of the event on the approved grievance form. This form is available in the Bistro, Clubhouse, and Office. An envelope is provided for anonymity and should be placed in the drop box outside the office. The grievance will go directly to the Chair and to the COO who will review it and forward it to the Membership Chair. The Membership Committee will interview the persons involved in the incident and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for further action, if any. The Board will discuss the recommendation and vote on further action.


If the action is greater than a written reprimand, the person receiving the reprimand will be informed in writing that they have thirty days from the date of the reprimand to request in writing a Review Committee hearing. The Chair of the Board will appoint three people to serve: the Chair of the Membership Committee, one Director, and one member at large. When the request is received, the Committee will meet within forty-five days to hear the arguments and decide if the recommended reprimand should be enforced. The Review Committee’s decision is final for that offense and may not be altered by the Board.


The Office Manager, Directors, COO, or Security has the authority to immediately expel any person from the grounds for any infraction of Oaklake Trails’ rules.



Medical Marijuana, regardless of its form of legal consumption, may be used by a person possessing an Oklahoma medical marijuana license, in designated smoking areas, the privacy of a home, an RV parked on a leased or rented lot, or a tent. Consumption of edible medical marijuana is permitted anywhere consumption of other foods are allowed. Medical Marijuana which creates emissions, an odor detectable by bystanders, or that may contaminate Oaklake Trails property shall not be used except in designated locations. All persons on Oaklake Trails property shall be subject to Oklahoma law and Oaklake Trails medical marijuana policies.

  1.  Oaklake Trails reserves the right to prohibit the smoking of any substance in any common area/facility.

  2.  Oaklake Trails Board of Directors or its designee(s) reserves the right to ask that any person smoking or vaping marijuana on Oaklake Trails property produce their Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card.

  3.  In order to protect members, employees, and any other person on the premises from the negative effects of smoke, identified and designated “Legal Smoking Areas” may be made available for smoking tobacco, vaping devices, and legal medical marijuana. Designated smoking areas will be clearly marked, will prohibit the presence of minors, and will indicate that the smoking or vaping of medical marijuana will be for medicinal use only. Those areas include:

    1.  The Smoking Room behind the Clubhouse.

    2.  The “Legal Smoking Area” to the north of the Meadow Pavilion.

  4. Smoking of any legal substance is permitted on hiking trails. At Oaklake Trails’ discretion, or if a Creek County and/or Lincoln County Red Flag Fire Warning or an Oklahoma State Red Flag Fire Warning is in effect, smoking may be prohibited in those areas, as an increased fire risk may exist.

  5. All Annual or Monthly Lot Lease holders who possess a valid Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Licensee, may grow Medical Marijuana within the limits set by Oklahoma State Statute §63-427.12. Pertinent parameters for Lot Lease holders include, but are not limited to:

    1. Oklahoma Medical Marijuana License holders and/or Caregivers may grow medical marijuana on Oaklake Trails property on which the patient license holder has written permission from the Board of Directors of Oaklake Trails Naturist Park Inc, or its designee.

    2.  Written permission may be requested at the Oaklake Trails Park office during normal business hours.

    3.  All medical marijuana plants grown by a patient or caregiver shall be grown so that the marijuana is not accessible to the public.

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