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TNSF Mid-West Naturist Gathering

Join us April 25-28th for The Naturist Society Foundation's Mid-West Gathering. Special convention rates apply for TNSF and OLT Members. 


NOTE: Events marked as CLUB EVENT are open to ALL MEMBERS and DO NOT require the purchase of a TNSF convention pass. Convention passes can be purchased at the office. 


8 am Registration Begins | Office

Check in for Gathering, get settled in, and wait for the fun to begin.

1:30-3 pm Jewelry Class | Clubhouse | CLUB EVENT

Make and take jewelry session with Naked Nate. Nate manufactures a totally unique collection of beads, charms, and clasps using lathes in his machine shop to create colorful and interchangeable designs. He will share his process and creativity to help you create the perfectly made-in-Oklahoma souvenir. Designs range from $25 - $75. Clubhouse.

3PM Boyscouts & Nudity | Chapel

Virtual discussion by Paul Le Valley

3-4 pm Naked Comfort | Clubhouse

How to feel more comfortable in a socially nude situation, how to help others feel comfortable as well by Cynthia Holbach.

4-5 pm Opening Meet and Greet | Clubhouse 

Come meet your Organizers and Workshop Leaders and the other participants in the Gathering.

TNSF representatives:

Nicky Hoffman - Office Administrator and Editor and more

Carmen Hamm - social media, website and more Mark Storey - Consulting Editor
Cynthia Holbach - Chair of TNSF Board
Norma Mitchell - Vice Chair of TNSF Board James Nunn - Treasurer of TNSF Board

Kathy Blanchard - TNSF Board Kath Rooney - TNSF Board


5-6 pm TNSF Lifetime Membership Meet & Greet | Clubhouse
Lifetime members and those who have been thinking about becoming a lifetime member should join in this lively discussion.

7-9 pm “Nudels of Nudeland.” | Chapel

Movie written, directed, and acted by Tim Chizmar, nudist comedian and ‘Clothes Free TV’ reporter.


7-9 am Hike 

Meet at Trailhead #5 near the office.

9 am The Law of Attraction Workshop | Clubhouse | CLUB EVENT

Yael J. is a Law of Attraction Life Coach as The Universe Whisperer and author of The World I See Begins with Me, Using the Law of Attraction (release date TBA). What do you know about the law of attraction? Wouldn’t it be nice if life made sense? Yael will assist the group in developing goals through a series of questions that will move each person towards a greater level of understanding about themselves and the world we live in. Specializing in anxiety and mental health, Yael helps people understand themselves, their life and how to use the principles of the law of attraction to create the life they’ve always wanted-and who doesn’t want that?! Cost: Donation-based with Yael Johnson.


10 am Online Presentation: Wisconsin has a Jane Ending! | Chapel

Throughout early 2024, two pairs of legislative bills threatened to sour the milk for naturists and nudists in America’s Dairyland. One pair of bills sought to turn nudity into a “strict liability crime,” stripping away any reason, justification or excuse for nudity, including political protest! A broad coalition came together eventually, but the path out of the puzzle-house was going to require naturists, nudists, and bike-riders to follow some unfamiliar-sounding instructions. With Bob Morton.


10 am World Naked Gardening Day | Clubhouse Ballroom

Learn about the history and original aims of WNGD from one of its founders with Mark Storey.


11 am Rock and Roll Trivia | Clubhouse Gameroom

Name that Tune/ Movie or Artist with Rolf Holbach.


11 am Raising Orchard Mason Bees | Chapel

With both honeybees and wild bees having a difficult time in today’s climate, learn how to raise your own wild bees. Kathy Blanchard. 


1 pm Writing Workshop | Clubhouse

Join Tom Foster and Dan Hawkins for exercises on writing about nudity and naturist fiction. Bring something to write or type on.


1 pm Pet Therapy: What is it? Can my dog, do it? | Meadow Pavilion

Learn the difference between a service dog and a therapy dog and how to get that title. Kath Rooney.


2 pm Women’s Workshop with Cynthia Holbach and Kathy Blanchard | Meadow Pavilion (Clubhouse Ballroom if raining)

Share naturist concerns with other women.

2 pm Western Naturist Research Library | Chapel

(WNRL) with Mark Pavelchak. What is happening with the Naturist Library Consortium? 


3 pm Online presentation: OKLA-by-golly-HOMA | Chapel

We’re in Oklahoma for this Gathering. The first TNSF Gathering ever in the Sooner State. Why not spend some time looking at legislative developments and quirks of OKLAHOMA? If we have any time left over, we’ll drop down and address Oklahoma’s “poor relations” south of the Red River in Texas. Should be more fun than we really deserve! Bob Morton. 


4 pm Writing for N magazine | Clubhouse

How to author an article and how our editors collaborate with writers to produce this stellar quarterly journal with Mark Storey.

4 pm New Clubs & Groups | Clubhouse Ballroom

How to start and run a non-landed naturist club, including how to add a woman’s group. Rolf and Cynthia Holbach.


5 pm Measuring Serious Offense | Clubhouse

A college philosophy instructor offers an analysis of serious offenses as it applies to law and non-sexual public nudity with Mark Storey. 


7 pm Couples Game | Clubhouse | CLUB EVENT

The Newlywed game for non-newlyweds with Rolf and Cynthia Holbach

7 pm Cornhole | Activities Building | CLUB EVENT

All skill levels


8-10 pm Disrobed Movie | Chapel

Adapted from the play “Barely Proper” done online. Rolf Holbach.


8:30-10:30 pm Meet and Greet | Clubhouse Ballroom | CLUB EVENT

Club Event will include a Beginning Line Dancing class, easy to follow steps and instructions by Kath Rooney. Anyone wanting to share a tune, or tell a joke is welcome as well. 


7-9 am Hike

Meet at the Gazebo.

8 am Trail Walk | CLUB EVENT

Meet at the Flagpole.

9 am Pickleball | Pickleball Court | CLUB EVENT

If you don’t have your own paddle, the office has some that you can borrow. Outdoor Pickleball Court.

10 am Pop Up Make-N-Take Body Scrubs with Goat Guru Soap Co. ($8/scrub). | ClubhouseCLUB EVENT

10 am Joys (?) of Getting Older | Meadow Pavilion (Clubhouse Ballroom if raining)

Not just a gripe session, but an opportunity to share what helps and how to face physical challenges. Kath Rooney. 


11 am Lengthen and Strengthen Yoga | Clubhouse Ballroom | CLUB EVENT

Join Lanette C. for a morning yoga session that kicks off the 2024 yoga series. Bring two towels. Some yoga mats and  props will be available. 


11 am Composting with Worms | Chapel

Learn how to raise worms for composting kitchen scraps and boosting the health of your garden soil. Kathy Blanchard. 


1 pm Kids Disco Party | Pavilion | CLUB EVENT

Monica P hosts a fun disco themed activity for the kids.


1:15 pm Group Photo. Meet at the Pool.


2 pm. Coed -Women’s Workshop | Clubhouse Ballroom

What is appropriate when addressing woman in a naturist setting with Cynthia Holbach and Kathy Blanchard.


2 pm U.S. Nudist Books of the 30’s | Chapel

Learn of the many fiction and non-fiction books about organized U.S. nudism published in its formative years. Mark Storey.


3-5 pm Soap Making Workshop | Clubhouse | CLUB EVENT

With Goat Guru Soap Co. ($25/person) due to process. Clothes are mandatory to participate.  Safefy gear will be provided.


3 pm Elysium Publications | Chapel

History of Photographer Ed Lange’s influence on nudist culture through his Elysium Publications. Rolf Holbach.

4 pm Western Naturist Research Library | Chapel

(WNRL) with Mark Pavelchak. What is happening with the Naturist Library Consortium? 


4 pm World Na-Tourism | Clubhouse Ballroom

Open forum on international and national naturist travel with Will Forest, Tom Foster, Leila West, and Kara Foster. Ballroom.


5 pm Nudist Trivia | Clubhouse Gameroom

How much do you know about naturist history and culture? With Rolf Holbach

6:30 pm Horse Races (a dice game) | Clubhouse | CLUB EVENT

Cost is $2.00 per race. Bet on 1 horse or bet on all 6. We do 4-5 races and then the final trifecta race


8:30-11pm Evening Dance | Clubhouse Ballroom | CLUB EVENT

7-9 am Hike

Meet at Chapel.


10-12 am Art Class | Clubhouse | CLUB EVENT

Pastels: An expert in the art of pastels will be working with a live nude model while demonstrating tips, techniques, and advice. Clubhouse.

10:30 am Worship Service | Chapel | CLUB EVENT

11 am Closing Circle | Clubhouse Ballroom

Time for saying goodbye and getting feedback on the Gathering.


Registration & Prices

Event Registration Fee*:


TNSF Members: $50 Per Adult

Non TNSF Members: $60 Per Adult

OLT Members: $20 Per Adult


TNSF Members: $20 Per Adult

Non TNSF Member: $25 Per Adult

Additional Fees:

OLT Day Fees (Required)

Single TNSF Member: $30 Per Day

TNSF Couple: $50 Per Day


Varies by type, Call to Inquire. 

*A 3% Convience Fee will be added to Meal Passes & Registration Fees. 

Call To Register

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