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Busy Weekend Rules Refresher

For happy, fun, friendly campers!

When our park is totally sold out and space is at a premium, it is important to remember some of our frequently overlooked rules in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable weekend for all members. Setting the example for newcomers is how we build a happy community that is known for our friendly and welcoming vibe. Going into our busiest weekend, please help us maintain the gold standard for nudist parks by adhering to all of our rules, including the following list that is most likely to cause problems or distress for our fellow members:


The speed limit is 10MPH. This is our most overlooked rule. Do not speed.


This is our most common complaint. Smoking and vaping are privileges that OLT does not have to grant, and imposing your smoke or vapors on others is the antithesis of our standard of behavior. OLT members who want us to continue to allow the use of combustable tobacco and marijuana in the park are always mindful of others and smoke only in our designated smoking areas: The Smokin Shack by the Clubhouse, The picnic table on the South facing side of the Bistro, between the Pavilion and Activities building, and at their private lodging/lot or in their private vehicles. Smoking is allowed on the trails whenever burn bans are NOT in effect. SMOKING AND VAPING ARE FORBIDDEN BOTH IN AND AROUND THE POOL ENCLOSURE. We do NOT save lost vapes in our lost and found--they are immediately disposed of if found. NEVER THROW YOUR BUTTS ON THE GROUND.


While it may not be a big deal in slower times, leaving your towel on your pool lounge all day during 4th of July weekend is not cool. If you're going to be leaving the pool for more than 1 hour please take your belongings with you so that another member has a chance to use the chair. Staff are authorized to remove your items if you overlook this rule.


Never bring glass into the pool enclosure. If broken glass were to get into a pool it would have to be entirely drained and cleaned and you'll be the least popular person in the park in the very unlikely event we allow you to stay. Helpful tip: If you bring in a plastic cup that looks like glass and you're not prepared to respond politely each of the 50 times you get asked if it is glass, then bring a different cup.


Showering before you enter our pools and hot tub is mandatory. Dirty bodies create a strain on our equipment and this causes our operating costs to rise. If you haven't left the pool for 3 hours and you've had a six pack we KNOW you are peeing in our pools. This is very costly for our chemical demand and it ultimately gets passed on to you and other members. GO TO THE BATHROOM IN THE BATHROOM. NOT THE POOL.


Please do not bring your personal speaker to the pool. Having 6 different speakers blaring different music from all directions is chaos. Wear your own earbuds/headphones.


Never, ever, put "flushable" wipes (or any other kind of wipes) in our toilets. We use septic systems for the entire park and they absolutely wreak havoc on our sewers. When you flush these and they get stuck our maintenance staff literally has to remove them by hand, an absolutely disgusting job that they should never have to do. Clean your butt with toilet paper and then wash it with soap at any of our 9 outdoor showers.


Do NOT leave alcohol in the clubhouse refrigerator. We are a family friendly club and unattended alcohol will absolutely be removed. If it is Tequila, our COO will keep it. If it is Truly, he'll pour it down the drain. Just saying. Over-serving yourself or others is the number 1 cause of all formal grievances. Be cool, know your limits, and if you go too far--GO TO BED.


We only offer recycling bins for aluminum cans--please do not put plastic bottles, glass, or trash of any kind in our aluminum recycling bins.


Phone camera lenses are required to be covered with a sticker when inside the pool enclosure--that means NO PICTURES inside the pool enclosure. Overlooking this rule causes serious discomfort and is very highly frowned upon. Sensing that someone may be taking your picture clandestinely is extremely upsetting and is something no OLT member should ever have to experience. Stickers are provided at the pool gates and in the office.


Day Members and Annual Members who are not staying in lodging must park in the day parking next to the office. NEVER park in the disabled space next to the clubhouse unless you are authorized to do so. Only carts and side-by-sides are allowed to park next to the pools.


Well behaved pets are welcome and we do not require leashes. Register your pet with the office by providing their up to date vaccination records. Pets are NOT allowed inside the pool enclosure. ALWAYS clean up after your pet.


We do NOT allow fires at any of our RV, CABIN, or TENT sites. Fireworks are forbidden parkwide. We provide gas grills and Blackstone cooktops on the west side of the Clubhouse.


We are a family friendly club. We do not allow any type of sexual behavior or overt PDA in any public area at any time, ever. Loud cussing, aggressive behavior, threats, and fighting of any kind will not be tolerated.


Our staff works incredibly hard to manage the thousands of tasks required to make OLT awesome. Members are expected to treat every staff member with respect at all times. Mistreatment of OLT staff will simply never be tolerated. If a staff member alerts you to a rule you are breaking, your polite and immediate compliance is required.


As members, we are all responsible for maintaining the integrity and reputation of our park. If you witness behavior that needs to be addressed, please alert our team as soon as possible. Our office is open daily from 10-6 and can be reached at 918-324-5999.


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